Who created Nilo Pillow? 

Danilo Buen Jr. known as "Jay Buen" (Born December 23, 1983) is a Filipino Entrepreneur, an accountant, a photographer and also known for creating designing and planning the concept of this proudly pinoy character called " Nilo Pillow, The Travel Pillow."

​Nilo Pillow started as his giveaways of his travel agency, and then eventually he decided to register it to IPO (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines) and introduced it to the public December 2011. Amazingly it received generally good feedback from critics and everybody. Everyone is loving the character, especially those who love to travel.

The purpose of creating this is for everyone to learn and get inspired about the world travel. It encourages you to share your travel tips experiences, photos and videos.

INSTAGRAM: @NILOPILLOW #ilovenilpillow #findingnilopillow

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/nilopillow


"We all die, We can't live forever , my goal is to create something that will."

Happy Living,
Jay Buen